Maid of Honour & Bridesmaids

Polly Tisdall – Maid of Honour

Polly is Laura’s sister. They met in 1989 and have been unable to avoid each other since, despite Polly’s best efforts. Polly and Laura have shared many memorable moments, from playing complex childhood games such as floods, orphans and The Doll Game, to writing the classic story of Augustus and His Gloop and photographing their Exciting Foreign Holiday in Wiltshire in 2008. Building on their past experience of writing and performing plays in their living room, Polly and Laura now help each other with their various artistic endeavours.

Becky Birrane - Bridesmaid

Becky and Laura met at Trinity Hall, Cambridge in 2006 when Laura was assigned Becky as a ‘college daughter’ to mentor and look after. Becky proved to be a bad influence on her mother, introducing her to the joys of tequila shots. Becky and Laura also backpacked together round South America in 2010, tangling far too frequently with the Ecuadorian healthcare system and embarking on a quest for the perfect pisco sour. Their quest is still ongoing.

Rosie Nance - Bridesmaid

Rosie was Becky’s college daughter and so Laura’s ‘college granddaughter’.  Rosie, Laura and Becky have embarked on many family holidays together, with destinations ranging from Bath to Manchester to Berlin. Rosie also introduced Laura and Becky to Paris in 2011 when she was studying French there, which led to a lot of macaroons, coffees and searching for handsome French artists in Montmartre. Rosie is also getting married in 2014!