Parking & Directions

Public Transport to Bradford-on-Avon

Bradford-on-Avon has a train station which is very close to the church. Depending on where you are coming from, you can catch a direct train or change at Bath Spa. It is also possible to take the 265 bus from Bath bus station to Bradford-on-Avon town centre, but  the train should be a more convenient option.

Public Transport to Spring Cottage

Spring Cottage is three miles from Bradford-on-Avon, so travel options include driving, a shared taxi, or the bus. Please let me know ( if

- you want a lift to the reception
- you are driving and can offer another guest(s) a lift to the reception (there will be parking available for all cars at the reception venue)
- you would like to share a taxi

You can catch the 265 bus from Bradford-on-Avon to the Avonpark Centre at the top of Winsley Hill; from there it is an easy 20-minute walk to Spring Cottage straight down Blackberry Lane, turning down a steep hill when you reach the white railings at the top. Bus services leaving at 5.03pm or 5.37pm on the day of the wedding from Bradford-on-Avon town centre take 15 minutes max to the Avonpark Centre.

A second option is to catch the train from Bradford-on-Avon station to Avoncliff; however, this involves a pretty steep uphill walk to the venue afterwards for about two miles, so is not to be preferred!

Driving to Bradford-on-Avon/Spring Cottage

Holy Trinity Church is indicated on this map, on Church Street. Spring Cottage is BA15 2JF for Googlemap directions.

Parking near the church in Bradford-on-Avon is shown on this map. St Margaret's and the station are the largest and most convenient car parks.

There will be parking available at Spring Cottage in a local paddock at the top of the hill; an usher will direct you.