Best Man & Ushers

Dan Power - Best Man 

Dan and Seb first met at Beechen Cliff School, while duetting over the risk of insomnia faced by shepherds, and have been good friends ever since. Dan is extremely perceptive. He was, for instance, the first to predict that Laura and Seb would get together years before their sexualities even aligned. (Although, credit also goes to Laura’s sister Polly who mooted the possibility earlier, albeit as a way of annoying Laura rather than as a genuine prediction.) This, together with his extensive campaign of ever less subtle hints, made him well suited to the job of best man.

Miriam Nye - Usher

Miriam is Sebastian’s elder sister and surprisingly has never been asked to be an usher before! Although Miriam pined for a sister in childhood, compensating by dressing Sebastian up as a girl as frequently as his patience would allow (which was often!), Miriam has finally accepted that she is surrounded by brothers and is excited to take on this role. Miriam runs a support service for asylum seekers and migrants in an HIV charity in Bristol.

Jacob Nye - Usher

Jacob is Seb’s oldest brother. He enjoys taking photographs, cooking elaborate banquets and cultivating an ever more sophisticated taste in wine. Lately, he has taken to sleeping in a lizard petting zoo. Despite these eccentricities – OK, because of them – Seb and Jacob have enjoyed many hours in each other’s company, some of them even sober. 

Samuel Nye - Honorary Usher

Samuel, Sebastian's self-proclaimed favourite sibling, used to make the groom cry when he was young, in order to enjoy the gratitude he'd later receive from the victim for cheering him up. Despite this, and on special permission from the M.E.C.C.A. (Middle East Centre for the Criminally Ambiguous), Samuel now works as Head of English at a school in Muscat, Oman.