Seb & Laura

Seb and Laura first met at Newbridge Junior School in Bath in 1996. They distinguished themselves by playing the same part in the school production of The First Kids in Space on different nights, wearing an orange cardboard box as 'Specs' and singing two solos about the misery of being a rubbish robot.

They met again while attending the University of Cambridge from 2005, where Seb was at Fitzwilliam College and Laura went to Trinity Hall. Laura spent most of her time with Hannah and Peter, sneaking into Trinity Hall's 'Viva' bop without paying, decorating Peter's door with embarrassing mementos of his time at Cambridge, and occasionally doing some history. (The dons were less than pleased when Laura revealed to the younger and more impressionable undergraduates that one of her main inspirations for her dissertation had been Horrible Histories.) She also met college daughter Becky and college granddaughter Rosie and formed the Best College Family ever, and discovered the now sadly departed First Class Teas with Claire.

Seb's undergraduate years were a little bit of a drunken blur. (Reema can, I'm sure, fill you in on further embarrassing details.) His moments of sobriety were given over to philosophising, cooking, going to the Cambridge Union then bitterly regretting it (repeatedly), trying to figure out his sexuality, and visiting his good friends in Durham.

Laura and Seb got together in 2010, whereupon Laura immediately departed for Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia with Becky with only a Lonely Planet as their trusty guide. Meanwhile, Seb, who had been promised a poncho upon her return, was having a great time, working and hanging out with his grad friends, an experience marred only by a lack of a poncho and the curious absence of socks. Laura returned in time to start her PhD at King's and be reunited with Seb and her new Cambridge friends Issy and Amy, often at Trinity Hall's infamous £1 cocktail night.

Seb and Laura moved in together at 5A Milton Road in 2011...

… and got engaged in October 2013 in Cambridge's Botanic Gardens (where Seb had not only smuggled in champagne, glasses, an ice bucket and ice, but illegally evaded paying the entrance fee). Seb is now a temporary teaching associate at the Philosophy Faculty in Cambridge while Laura is finishing off her PhD in History at King's College, Cambridge.

Thank you all for joining us at our wedding!